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Mysore related categories respectively 'over-categorizing' as of 12 May 2015[edit]

Dear maybe interesting wikimedians, and @Cfynn:: thx for your effort, but honestly, the Mysore oriented category-tree as of May 12, 2015, established by you is imho much too complicate and imho much less user-friendly then before, p.e.

  • "Subdivisions" for in fact just "Suburbs" (empty) and "Wards" (one file), latter commonly not used within Wikimedia Commons,
  • "Healtcare" just for the hospitals,
  • "Cultural heritage buildings" + "Cultural heritage monuments" + "Monuments and memorials",
  • further on "Squares", "Street scenes in Mysore" (="Streets in Mysore"); etc.etc.
  • "Road transport infrastructure in Mysore" for just "Streets" :-(
  • ... Category:Commerce in Mysore, Category:Cuisine of Mysore, Category:Tourism in Mysore, Category:Eating establishments in Mysore, Category:Leisure in Mysore ... etc.etc. ... "Medical colleges ...", "Science and technology in Mysore" and maybe some more i did not remarked :-((
  • "Political party offices and premises in Mysore" for CPI(M) office ... etc.etc.
  • and p.e. Traffic circles and roundabouts in Mysore + Old houses in Mysore > massively overcategorized as pointed to before, Roland zh (talk) 18:05, 19 May 2015 (UTC)
  • ... and p.e. "Women of Mysore", "Post offices in Mysore", "Road signs in Mysore", and again "Police stations in Mysore" etc., Roland zh (talk) 20:19, 20 May 2015 (UTC)

Honestly, the standard user of Wikimedia Commons will not find the media looking for in such a imho massively 'overwhelmed' category tree.

That's why as a 'veteran' within the Wikimedia projects and Karnataka related topics, i would prefer to re-establish the much less complicate status as before today, i.e. the Category:Mysore related tree as it was the past six years.

Further opinions ??

Kindly regards, Roland zh (talk) 19:48, 12 May 2015 (UTC) respectively some more 'examples' added 21:47, 12 May 2015 (UTC)

PS: and btw: as i just remarked, the imho new file uploads are also over-categorized, p.e. "nameofthecategory" + "xxx in Mysore" :-( PPS: ... and there were some more, as mentioned as "edit summary" so it was fixed on 12 May 2015 :-((

Pictogram voting comment.svg Comment: Hi, from my side closing after spending too much time to fix just the simple over-categorizations: no offense please, but started to re-establish "status quo" as of about 8 May 2015, as imho some of the above mentioned 'new' categories have been created also bit 'chaotic' in their position within the Wikimedia Common category tree, as well (many) categories were of the "one file" or "one subcategory" type, some even empty etc. honestly, agree merely in "Heritage buildings in Mysore" as helpfull for Wikimedia Commons user, apart from that, please see arguments above mentioned. sorry about my bad English as not being native English speaking, kindly regards Roland zh (talk) 22:20, 12 May 2015 (UTC)

Suburbs of Mysore[edit]

The different areas of Mysore are usually understood by the locals in the following way:

  • Mysore North: Gokulam, Hebbal, Metgully and Bangalore Road.
  • Mysore South: Mananthavady Road, Ooty Road, J.P.Nagar and Kuvempu Nagar.
  • Mysore East: Bannur Road, Siddhartha Nagar, T.Narasipura Road, Teresian College area, Zoo Garden, Karinji Lake and ATI.
  • Mysore West: Hunsur Road, Yelwala, Jayalakshmipuram, Bogadi Road and Universty area.
  • Mysore Central (downtown area): Yadavagiri, Railway Station Area, K.R.Circle, Palace area, Devaraj Market, Urs Road, Bus Stand area and JSS Hospital area.

Any suggestions?--Prof TPMS (talk) 09:21, 20 June 2016 (UTC)