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I removed Category:Ethnic groups in the United States for the reason that up to that action, the displaying results at that category had listed Native Americans in the United States and Native American people in the United States (one next to the other), which had felt as anomalous as it sounds. (See, for example, my edit summary here) But then of course: When you have a "Native American people in the United States" it forcibly and effectively (and quite naturally) draws to tagging "Ethnic groups in the United States" (itself within "People of the United States"), whilst the very direct and obvious parent that is Category:Native Americans in the United States is getting all the work done being identically categorized. Hence my request -

Rename into Category:Native American individuals in the United States.

I think it feels irritating with the "people" not signposted "Ethnic group" as are all "Peoples". When it's rather "individuals" and not "people" it's no liability to classify it additionally under the "Ethnic groups". Basing on the cat's descriptive caption (see below my request tag) I'm quite positive that the proposed solution will settle a clear definition of the category's aim. Orrlingtalk 02:48, 11 February 2012 (UTC)

Might be better to rename the parent cat Category:Native Americans in the United States to Category:Indigenous peoples of the United States as a subcat of Category:Indigenous peoples of North America. Then this cat will no longer create confusion and remain in line with current naming conventions. --Foroa (talk) 18:27, 16 February 2012 (UTC)

Then again: The problem with "Native American people" if it speaks not to the Ethnic group aspect but rather to individual persons from within the group (as the cat's description & content say), still remains. I don't see what the parent's name has to do with it, "Native Americans in the United States" is perfect and is the most common form of reference to this group. The failure is lying only at this category where the presence of the term "people" motivates dumping it at "Ethnic groups in the United States" (because People = Ethnic). This is somewhat complicated. But as a matter of fact, if we can live with a "people"-title without being trapped to listing it as "Ethnic group" so I'm fine, and will remove the tag. Orrlingtalk 02:34, 17 February 2012 (UTC)