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What exactly are nonmetals?[edit]

I'm not going to change the categorisation of this cat any more. But everyone must realise that the description of the category is wrong. This cat is for all nonmetals, including the halogens and noble gases. The full list of nonmetals is:

  • hydrogen, H
  • helium, He
  • carbon, C
  • nitrogen, N
  • oxygen, O
  • fluorine, F
  • neon, Ne
  • phosphorus, P
  • sulfur, S
  • chlorine, Cl
  • argon, Ar
  • selenium, Se
  • bromine, Br
  • krypton, Kr
  • iodine, I
  • xenon, Xe
  • astatine, At
  • radon, Rn

Ben 16:40, 19 December 2006 (UTC)