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Hi there, I would appreciate some pointers from any commons admin who reads this.

  1. I wanted to place textual information on this category somewhere, but I'm not sure if one can start articles on the commons. So I've placed it on the cat page itself. Is this the correct procedure?
  2. Could you kindly delete Category:Ontleding Des Menschelyken Lichaams, please? I accidentally created that page with a non-MOS approved title. Does the commons have speedy delete templates, by the way?
  3. There's one picture on the commons from this textbook, uploaded by someone else. I uploaded a cleaned-up version myself (this was before I studied the work and discovered the online NLM treasure trove). This image has been given the title of the book itself, when it is actually just one of 100+ plates. For the time being I'm letting the title stay, but later I'll rename it and flag the current page for deletion. Just so you know! :) Cheers—encephalon 05:13, 1 October 2005 (UTC)