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More accurate classification?[edit]

We have four accepted PD-Finland licences. {{PD-Finland}} is the general licence for 70 years p.m.a material which was proteceted by Finnish copyright law. {{PD-Finland50}} (presently considered for deletion) applies for photographs which were published before 1962. After 2012, it will apply to all photographs of published over 50 years before the present date. {{PD-FinlandGov}} is based on §9 of the Finnish copyright law and applies to the rather strictly defined category of laws, decrees and authority decisions and statements. {{PD-Coa-Finland}} is the subtype of this copyright tag, as all Finnish municipal and district coats of arms are part of the authority decision adopting the coat of arms.

There is a lot of material under these licences here on the Commons, which is a great thing. However, the amount of material makes it difficult to patrol the categories. I suggest we create subcategories for PD-Finland50 and for PD-FinlandGov, which would make it much easier to distinguish the material under these categories to check whether they meet the copyright criteria. --MPorciusCato 10:38, 25 June 2007 (UTC)