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The city/town question[edit]

There is of course some question as to whether a municipality, which is incorporated, is a city or town. The whole territory of the state belongs to cities or towns. Considering that many municipalities are using the their traditional "town of" when actually they have gone over to a city, and that the literature reflects the type in effect at the time it was published, this is often a confusing issue. We do need a standard and Wikipedia has done some work on this. So, in working on these sets of categories I for one am following Wikipedia:List of municipalities in Massachusetts. Granted there might turn out to be errors in it. It seems to me those are relatively easy to correct. The municipality list and this category should be kept in sync. For communities below the town level, I've been subordinating them to their town. I seem to have got the backing of key persons working in this area on that.Botteville (talk) 12:51, 9 November 2012 (UTC)