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After getting a speedy delete on my Category:Maori in New Zealand move even though there are substantial groups of Maori outside of New Zealand (Australia), I think at least a name change here would make sense (to "Maori people from New Zealand"), to distinguish from other Maori and to bring in line with the "People of X" scheme structure. 22:29, 29 November 2007 (UTC)

It doesn't make sense, since Māori refers to the indigenous Polynesian peoples of New Zealand. Therefore, “Maori people” comes mandatory from New Zealand. So, don't make more nonsense moves and don't create superfluous categories while there is nothing to sort. --Juiced lemon 01:32, 30 November 2007 (UTC)

Renaming dispute[edit]

Juiced, I am disappointed by your behaviour.

In your above comment and on your user talk page you all but accuse me of making a nuisance out of myself for no reason, and behave like I had kicked you in the shins out of spite! I agree in retrospect that I should have discussed the move beforehand ('Be bold' DOES apply, though - sometimes comments on talk pages here get no answers even after months - it's not Wikipedia). In my defense I did not re-move anything after it was reverted, I started discussing with you and the other admin who reverted me. And all it gets me is a 'bugger off, pest' from you.

Now to the facts:

This is a discussion of maori emigration trends based on Census New Zealand statistics. Some key points are:

  • "By the time of the 2001 Australian census, this number [Maori in Australia] had grown to 72,956.
  • "between 1986 and 2001, Maori emigrated to Australia at a considerably faster rate than white New Zealanders."
  • "...this concern notwithstanding, Maori emigration has greatly outpaced return migration, to the point where "if current demographic trends stay the same, within a few decades perhaps one third of all Maori could be living in Australia."

This article (5 long pages of it) in New Zealand's OFFICIAL government-written encyclopedia also discusses overseas Maori, from Australia to England.

So obviously there is a pretty sizable and growing group of Maori who are not IN New Zealand, and increasingly, as young kids are born overseas, not even FROM New Zealand, except historically. There are also discussions about building marae's in Australia, as they eventually will be. Then, categories like Category:Maori buildings will become incorrect as subcats of Category:Buildings in New Zealand etc and will have to be renamed Category:Maori buildings in New Zealand....

I will also point out again that I was not seeking to create empty categories. I was trying to get the name of the existing cats changed to reflect that they all point to NZ Maori, which would help ensure that future sorting will be into the correct categories. You can disagree with me as to whether that name change is necessary NOW - but I would appreciate a bit less defensive reactions from you - whether or not you have to deal with that kind of thing all the time or not. Thanks. 20:01, 2 December 2007 (UTC)