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Choice of category name[edit]

This category is being created as a merger of Category:Telephoning and Category:Telephone call (singular), both of which contain the same subject: People apparently in the middle of telephone calls. When choosing the new category name, I considered but decided against using "Category:Telephoning" and "Category:Telephone calls" (which is the name of a main topic in many languages) — these names have two problems:

  • Either of the rejected categories could collect files of telephone calls without people: For example, fax machines in operation, or more rarely, only animals or other non-humans. That would make it difficult to justify this category being a subcategory Category:People with telephones.
  • Both of those categories are vague enough that a number of things from Category:Telephony might end up in the rejected categories. For example, is Category:Call-progress tones a subtopic of "Telephone calls" specifically rather than "Telephony"?

If some distinction can be made between the general topic of "telephony" and the specific subtopic of telephoning, then "telephoning" or "telephone calls" should be reused for that; but I can't figure out where one would draw the line. --Closeapple (talk) 03:58, 11 December 2012 (UTC)