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Tips for creating pie charts[edit]

  • Don't make the chart 3D as this is misleading. Keep it 2D.
  • Consider leaving text labels off the image to increase its use in multiple wikis (for example, put sections in different colours, and then in a caption/on the image description page, state what the colours stand for). Numbers are fairly neutral. See Template:Legend
  • Consider if a pie chart is the best representation for your data. Pie charts are best when there is a fixed, limited amount of "stuff" to go around, such as votes (limited by the population at a specific time) or budgets. Populations can grow - would the data be more flexible if presented as a bar chart, which can grow?
  • Graphs are best as SVGs, which can be easily edited by other users. PNG and GIFs are also OK but not as flexible. They should never be JPGs.
  • Use the graphs function: Template:Graph:Chart (de.wikipedia version also available).