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Category:Populated places: Three sub-cats reflecting one another with no constancy.[edit]

Can someone please enlighten me and tell the functional difference between:


They all exist one next to the other under same parent (Populated places), and at first and second glance they don't appear to justify their independence. Serious. It looks so inconsistant. Is there any structured hierarchy within them, which I didn't get on to? My guess is that it isn't meant to happen like this, and it just developed with each of the sub-categories apart, eventually all roof-meeting in Category:Populated places. Let me know maybe I'm getting it incorrect and entries that match the "Settlement"-definition are fundamentally different from others falling under "Villages", and "Cities"-entries are by no means identical to those which may populate "Cities and villages". Thanks, and sorry for bugging Orrlingtalk 10:02, 21 January 2012 (UTC) Posted on Village pump