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I had an infection by a Clostridium but don't remember which one it was (of the three known ones at the time) on or about Easter of 1984 or 1985. I was tested and it was positive. In a five day stay at the hospital I was treated with Vancomycin and another antibiotic, but reacted badly to both of them...with headaches so severe that they felt it necessary to do a brain scan... which was negative. In the weeks after I was released and supposedly cured, it started up again, and as I did the first time, I began taking two Tylenol every six hours faithfully and it receded. The years from then until now, I have occasionally come down with all the symptoms again and been able to fight it off and overcome the toxic symptoms of it with the Tylenol, taking it as described above for two weeks. But now the toxic symptoms are not the problem, but the looseness of my stools and the return of the golden-orange color with much flatus is very unnerving. I can tell it is the same infection because it causes difficulty swallowing and some visual disturbances until the Tylenol takes care of the toxin. Until recently taking Flora Source, a combination of Lactobacteria and related biotics has returned life to normal, but even that is not working now. Is there a new antibiotic that will help me?