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Reflections by country doesn't have to be nature[edit]

I can see that many (but not all) of the Reflections in <country> categories have been put in the corresponding Nature of <country> category[1]. But a reflection in a specific country doesn't necessarily have anything to do with nature in that country (unless you by nature also mean anything produced by the animal 'human being', in which case "nature" kind of loses its meaning). The reflection can be a building reflecting in the glass of another building, with no nature at all in the photo[2]. So the Nature of <country> category should instead only be added to the concrete instance where Reflections in <country> is added (if it is a reflection of nature or a reflection occurring in nature). The Nature of <country> categories are simply too broad categories to add generally to all Reflections in <country> categories. --Jhertel (talk) 02:41, 27 August 2012 (UTC)


  1. Category:Reflections in Canada is an example; Category:Reflections in Belgium is a exception.
  2. File:Church-Ilia Kursk.jpg is an example of a reflection with no nature in it.