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I agree

Main category for people and religion[edit]

I think a main category would be useful but I´m in doubt how to name it. As not native english speaker I don´t know what is meant with "figures". I would call it "People in religion" or "Religion (People)" or something like that. This would include people in religious offices (priests, bishops, cardinals, popes for the Christian, Roman Catholic side), theologists, people mentioned in Holy Scripts and people otherwise important for a religion (for example Saints). "Religious figures" sounds to me like "Fictional character/figure" but I may be wrong with this connotation. Please tell me you´re opinion on this and we could keep this or create a new main category. I would suggest to move here all religion-related categories that are now in the Category:People. --Gabor 17:24, 20 Jan 2005 (UTC)

"Figure" does not mean the person in question is fictional (although it could be). It's basically people that some religion consider holy. I prefer it to your suggestions because any priest or preacher having something to do with religion could be placed there. I'm glad we agree on the main point, though - "holy people" doesn't quite cut it. -- Ranveig 23:46, 20 Jan 2005 (UTC)