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I have seen the bit on TEAM BLACKOUTS. What did the NFL expect? I understand that the base pay for NFL players is $650,000 per year. That is good and the way it should be. To sign an un-tested rookie "WANNABE" to a $25 million contract is ludicrous and only serves to drive up ticket prices so that the commen Joe, (i.e. THE FAN BASE) can no longer afford to spend the day at his/her local stadium watching thier favorite team play (LIVE)! Seems to me that, rather than building bigger and better stadiums, it would make more sense to build smaller, TV oriented arenas and charge "pay per view" to allow the fans to watch the game of their choice on their televisions. There certainly would be a whole lot less noise (and applause)for the players to have to deal with. It would probably help to rid the league of those "EGO" oriented "DIVAS" and put people on the field that actually want to play FOOTBALL!!!

To many NFL players are getting handed to much money for their little minds to deal with. If you don't believe me, buy your local newspaper. Dogfights, running somebody down in your Ferrari, shooting theirselves in the leg, sexboat capers, etc., etc., etc..

I believe toning down the "pay scale" would also tone down the euphoric rhetoric among active players and also allow serious and commited players to stand out and shine!!!