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I have tried to order this category. It was not an easy job, because of the lot of - sometimes very similar - species (more than 400), with a lot of confusing synonyms. Moreover, misidentifications are common even in botanical gardens...

Yesterday I asked for speedy deleting S. facchinii and its category. It was a mistake. Sorry for it, nobody is infallible! I have corrected it this morning by recreating S. facchinii and redirecting S. facchini to it. I have also corrected the content of some obvious misidentifications and, when possible, I have reclassified it appropriately.

I have still some doubt about two pictures identified currently as S. groenlandicum. S. groenlandicum is an obsolete name which was given by several authors for different species, among others S. exarata, S. cespitosa, S. pubescens and S. rosacea. I will try to solve this remaining issue...

--Réginald (To reply) 06:59, 19 June 2010 (UTC)