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Pricing books[edit]

I have Vol 1,2 and3 given to me by my grandfather in 1959.Would you know what they would be worth Regards Alf

They're worth a reasonable amount, although not hugely valuable. I would suggest that your most accurate guide to a price is to look at eBay or Abebooks and see what others are selling for. It's a common enough book that there's enough of a trade happening with it to see a guide price.
Generally (UK market) I'd say that selling a copy of one of Rankin Kennedy's books would be between £5 - £10 / each volume. A good condition set might make more, if you list at that price and wait. eBaying them at a 99p starting price will probably sell them at 99p though - the demand isn't so great as to be reliable for attracting multiple competing sellers.
It's also important when describing them to indicate which edition it is and how many volumes are in the set - he often wrote a 3-volume first edition, which was re-printed and later re-published with additional volumes added. Some (Electrical Installations) changed their cover between editions.
His aircraft books are an exception - they're rare, so expensive. I have no more direct experience of them. Andy Dingley (talk) 08:46, 26 August 2010 (UTC)