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Discussion of category name[edit]

As there was a previous discussion on its name (see talk), would you use {{move}} or start a new discussion? -- User:Docu at 08:33, 30 January 2010 (UTC)

Thanks for your interest. I was unaware that there had been a discussion. Where was the topic being discussed? I looked at Category talk:Sierra Nevada, North America but it is empty except for archive template that is also empty.
I changed the the category name because Category:Sierra Nevada, North America is inappropriate IMHO. There is a Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt which is also in North America (see Category:Sierra Nevada). This implies that Sierra Nevada, North America is an ambiguous name in my opinion since Mexico is a part of North America.
When I started trying to straiten this out many images where in Category:Sierra Nevada which is even more ambiguous (again see Category:Sierra Nevada). Remember Commons is an international site and it would be simplistic to think that "Sierra Nevada" should always refer to the range in the United States.
I believe I did the right thing as it conforms with Category:Sierra Nevada (Spain) which has existed since September 2005. If we follow the format Category:Sierra Nevada, North America then the category for the Spanish mountains should be Category:Sierra Nevada, Europe. If you have more specific guidance please share it with me.
If you do not object, Docu, I would like to copy this discussion to Category talk:Sierra Nevada (USA) Droll (talk) 09:30, 30 January 2010 (UTC)
Have a look at "Categories for discussion" linked on the talk page (I don't object). -- User:Docu at 09:27, 30 January 2010 (UTC)
Sorry but I still can't find the discussion. Which talk page? Could you give me a link? Droll (talk) 09:43, 30 January 2010 (UTC)
On Category talk:Sierra Nevada, North America. -- User:Docu at 09:44, 30 January 2010 (UTC)
I support the move to Category:Sierra Nevada (USA). As Droll says, the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt is often referred to by Mexicans as the Sierra Nevada, hence is ambiguous. The en article is called en:Sierra Nevada (U.S.). Perhaps (U.S.) is better, but I'm content with almost anything that isn't ", North America" Hike395 (talk) 10:00, 30 January 2010 (UTC)

Request to open new discussion[edit]

Docu could open a venue for discussion as Commons:Categories for discussion/Current requests/2009/09/Category:Sierra Nevada, North America does not seem the appropriate place. I would be fine with Category:Sierra Nevada (USA) or Category:Sierra Nevada (U.S) or Category:Sierra Nevada (United States). The only objection in the old discussion was "in geography & related fields the established convention is to assign physical features as subcategories of other physical features NOT as subcats of political units. 2 different subjects, of 2 different kinds of mapping. we're doing it wrong." I believe this to be fallacious reasoning since unrelated physical features should not be in the same category unless they should all be in Category:Mountains which they are mostly. The only thing they have in common is the name "Snowy Mountains". If I am incorrect in this then the U.S. mountains as well as all other features in the world called the Sierra Nevada including the brewery should be subcategories of Category:Sierra Nevada. Still the subcategories should be properly disambiguated. Droll (talk) 10:14, 30 January 2010 (UTC)

  • I added {{move}} to Category:Sierra Nevada, North America and linked this talk page. As far as venue is concerned, I think we are fine.
    As for the quality of the arguments here, they don't necessarily get better if we repeat them ;) -- User:Docu at 10:31, 30 January 2010 (UTC)