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Kilt and Kilt-skirt[edit]

I have included a section on the kilt (distinct from that on the kilt-skirt) within this Catgory. There are those, howver, who would take exeption to even this, asserting that a kilt is a garment which should not be mistaken for a skirt or any type of skirt.

My inclusion of the kilt in this category is not due to my ignorance of what a kilt is. It is a recognition on my part that there is no way of defining what is a kilt which would distinguish it from a type of skirt, short of resorting to artificial (pattern registered with the Lyon Court) or societal (intended for wear by men) conventions.

Readers should be aware that this is not a trivial issue. See, for example, the following article:

Please try to ensure that photos of kilts and kilt-skirts are placed in the proper sub-section of this category.

JFPerry 16:10, 16 July 2005 (UTC)