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Polish / Czech[edit]

I'm seeing that Category:Sniezka is to be moved to Category:Śnieżka with correct diacritics, which seems absolutely reasonable.

But at the same time I'm asking myself: Is there a rule for cases like this one, where it could as well be named Category:Sněžka, since it is a Czech mountain as well as a Polish one? Is there some kind of First-come-first-serve thing, i.e., in this case the Polish category name was first, and thus it is Category:Śnieżka and not Category:Sněžka (similar to the British English/American English issue in the English Wikipedia)?

Just being curious. Actually I don't care if the Polish or the Czech term is the "most correct one" (well in my view, that's Schneekoppe anyway... *giggle* *duck* *cover* *running away* ;-) ) --Wutzofant 11:11, 17 April 2008 (UTC)