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Her ethnic background is Pashtun[edit]

I replaced the Category:Tajiks with Category:Pashtuns because the source (USAID) from where this image was uploaded clearly states that she is an ethnic Pashtun.

--Executioner 05:56, 7 April 2008 (UTC)

She is in fact a Tajik as you can tell by her name (Sohila) and BBC's profiles on Afghanistan's politicians, which is more reliable, says she is Tajik ( Le Behnam 05:44, 15 April 2008 (UTC)

Do not accuse me of making false claims when I'm providing evidence here. The name Suhaila is used by Pashtuns, Tajik and Muslims from other places of the world. I know Pashtun females with this name and I'm very sure they are not Tajiks. Suhail is for males and Suhaila is for females, and I know several Pashtun men by Suhail.
What's important is that the BBC report is from December 6, 2001 and all the other reports that states she is Pashtun are made after December 6, 2001. This means that BBC made an error and was later fixed by other reports. Here is a December 22, 2001 report from Los Angeles Times that states: "Seddiqi, a member of Afghanistan's dominant Pashtun tribe, is respected among medical colleagues as a capable and indefatigable administrator." [1]
BBC is just another news agency in the world and they can make errors just like every other news agency. Thomas H. Johnson is a Research Professor and an expert on politics in Afghanistan. He labelled Public Health Minister, Dr. Suhaila Sediqi, as Pashtun [2] also see his report "The Loya Jirga, Ethnic Rivalries and Future Afghan Stability" You cannot ignore all these findings and remove Pashtun category from her name. I even know that she is Mohammadzai, which is the name of a Pashtun sub-tribe. [3] Your BBC news report states: "...Ms Seddiqi has close links to the family of the former Afghan king..." That means she is definately not Tajik because the former Afghan king (Mohammed Zahir Shah) was Mohammadzai Pashtun.--Executioner 09:56, 15 April 2008 (UTC)

Ok, there is some ambiguity over this it seems. I'll look more into it but for know we'll assume she is Pashtun due to these sources. Though I've never heard any Pashtun women with the name Sohila, that is a common Tajik name. It is possible that she is mixed but I'll leave it as Pashtun. Le Behnam 05:23, 16 April 2008 (UTC)