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I worked many years reconciling many issues and themes around tafoni which I published recently. While my work raised many new questions, many old ones questions were resolved.

Please refer to, a free, not for profit, site I created which aims to share with others information about tafoni, as well as synthesize decades of literature on this topic.

I have worked with some of the leaders in the field who have helped me refine the content on this website. I invite you to interpret this material to build better more accurate wikipedia pages about tafoni and cavernous weathering processes. On this website are dozens of journal article references which could be posted to a wikipedia page so people can build a tafoni wikipedia reference that is closer to the truth. My efforts to share this link and provide opportunities to this information on wikipedia have been coldly received. Apparently external links are deemed spam.

If you are quick to take down this link and delete this posting, then consider the alternative that exists currently, essentially no references to tafoni articles and mostly inaccurate information about this topic. For example, the page on "weathering" has not one single reference! Much of the information presented at the head of this category on tafoni is inaccurate. For instance, cavernous weathering is a a combination of physical and chemical weathering processes. The term tafoni originates from Corsica not Sicily and has come to mean many cavities as well as a type of cavity (adjective).