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At length, I'm forced to concluded that Tarot cards are a subcategory of Playing cards. That is, they exist on a level within the subtree equal to that of, say, French-suited cards.

This is not immediately apparent. At first, I thought that there were Tarot cards on one hand, and Playing cards on the other, both subcats of Cards in general. But this is false.

Certainly all cards used for divination or gambling are together in a distinct category, apart from Phone cards, Greeting cards, and Business cards. But what is this category? Divination is seen as a different pastime from gambling, but what connects the two? They are really both kinds of play.

The final straw is realizing that Marseille Tarot cards and Poker cards are both used for identical activities. Both are used for divination and for gambling. The distinction between sacred/occult and secular/profane is at best a matter of convention. — Xiongtalk* 17:49, 2005 August 28 (UTC) I've reached the same conclusions. I consider Tarot to be a variant of the standard playing card deck. Even when not being used for game playing, Tarot is still a playing card variant. Cartomancy with conventional playing cards has existed prior to the use of Tarot for such purposes and some of the divinatory meanings of Tarot are derived from those of playing cards. This makes Tarot a variant of playing cardsOudler (talk) 18:08, 11 July 2009 (UTC)


Obviously, this cat is due for cleanup. — Xiongtalk* 17:49, 2005 August 28 (UTC)