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To whom this may be useful I feel I ought to report a man on the web for impersonating an American officer he contacted my daughter who is very vulnerable after the breakup of her marriage and told her he was a captain in the american army a bomb disposal expert he gave his name as Jon Pederson serving in pakinstan on the border of Afghanistan this has gone on for weeks telling her he had an arm injury saying he had to go over the border when bin laden was killed for a few days in all making out he had an important job in the us army , last night he contacted my daughter and asked her to e, mail another number to try and arrange leave to come an see her , she was suspicious but contacted this number ,who then asked for 3,000 pounds to be tranferred to an account to pay fpr fairs , my daughter then knew for certain that this man was a fraudster , I write this letter to you so that you are aware that this is going on in the name of the U.S, army . I don,t suppose you can do anything but maybe in someway you could put a stop to it

              Many thank
                 Gillian P Bradley -Knight
Hi Gillian, if you are serious, you might report it at --Túrelio (talk) 13:16, 14 May 2011 (UTC)