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  Touch of Evil is one of my favorite "film noir" works of art for a number of reasons:  The masterful camera work and the use of shadows in the mostly evening scenes of the film accentuated the sometimes sinister and seedy aspects of the story;  At first, casting Charlton Heston as a Mexican law enforcement seems proposterous,  but Heston somehow manages to pull it off;  Janet Leigh was terrific as the "damsel in distress,"  as she had just the right combination of sexiness, vulnerablity and confidence to make her quite alluring;  Orson Welles was truly incredible as the bloated,  decaying,  corrupt police captain;  Marlene Detrich was also quite something  (I believe she was about 50 during the filming,  but she looked in her mid 30s),  as the sultry,  haunting, sympathetic club owner who has a soft spot for the pathetic Welles character; Dennis Weaver  (you remember him as McCloud in the 1970s,  and as Marshal matt Dillion's limping sidekick in Gunsmoke in the 1950s and early 60s),

has an interesting cameo role as a slightly looney and bug-eyed night manager at the seedy hotel where Janet Leigh ends up being drugged; the jazz score was a perfect match for this fascinating tale of corruption, prejudice, greed, lust and mystery; and the story kept you guessing throughout.