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Copied from WikiProject Trucks[edit]

International trucks without the Harvester[edit]

For some time I have been concerned that these vehicles are described here in Wikimedia as International Harvester trucks when they are not.
After a certain amount of discussion with other parties I thought I would raise the subject here before going ahead and categorizing all the images by production year, omitting Harvester in the new category names— planning to move on through to a better categorization of models than the current kind of organically grown collection of categories. I plan to do that too dropping the word Harvester from category names.
It is very difficult to create rational categories when there are almost no images to be organised. Now we have plenty of images. Categorising by production year is a good way to get started.
Does anyone have any strong feelings that the word Harvester should be retained in the name of the truck category? Thanks in advance etc."(Eddaido)

Trucks built by International Harvester (and Navistar) are branded "International". I think anybody coming here will recognize the brand. (Sammy)
"My idea was to begin by allocating production years to everything because that sorts like with like. As you point out the second part of the job is to fit each truck image into the right model. The idea is to end up with every image having at least two categories: one for the model of truck and a second for the (maybe first year of production) year of the truck."(Eddaido)
Other names and groupings will come up:
"Navistar International 7000 series" and "International WorkStar" are the same truck. Maybe "International WorkStar (7000 Series)"? "International TransStar (8000 series)" is already done that way. WorkStar and TransStar are current names. I used Series as the name used before WorkStar. Both names are also in the same number series.
Chevrolet/GMC trucks (US)? From the 1960s these light/mediums have been the same truck with different names. The only spotting feature is the badges. Some fleets use both together. Spotting by body without names would also fit here. Or not, I may be overthinking this one.
Dodge/Ram trucks (US)? Dodge was rebranded "Ram". Dodge has played with "Ram" models and trim for a long time.(Sammy D III)

Trucks in the United States[edit]

What is this category about? Trucks physically in the US? Do exports count? Do trucks assembled in other countries count? (Sammy D III)

I think Trucks in the United States is meant to cover trucks physically within the United States. It used to be Trucks of the United States when Infrogmation added Chevrolet trucks to it in August 2008 but it was soon changed to the current title. I suspect absolutely all the pictures of Chevrolet trucks (no matter where in the world they may be) should not be there and of course the same with Ford."(Eddaido)
I agree with physically. Exports and assembled are everywhere. Some models may not be used in the US at all. (Sammy)
If physically should new cats here be named "Manufacturer's Name trucks in the United States"? I personally would like manufacturers to be first sub-cats so they would line up right when you opened the main cat. Manufacturer names are used in Category:Trucks for all their trucks world-wide. I moved some here, other countries included. I believe Ford (for example) has to have a truck cat here, even if it has too many other countries in it. Better than nothing.
(When I post this Eddaido is in International and I am thinking about physically cats.) Thank you. Sammy D III (talk) 18:49, 8 September 2017 (UTC)
There seem to be a small number of editors following this, a small number but they are there and I hope listening. I get a bit nervous when there seems to be no precedent to follow — I haven't found one on trucks. Can anyone else? I have seen a similar sort of thing for quite different subjects being done for other countries. For trucks in the USA it would mean going to every truck image and deciding where the photo was taken — in the USA or somewhere else — and categorising the image accordingly (I mean for example adding a Category:Ford trucks in the United States on each Ford within the US photo). Of course if anyone cares enough about this they can go and categorise each image for themselves. Might there be any volunteers?
To be very frank I would think few people care very much where the photo was taken.
Do they?
Why not change the name of this category from Trucks in the United States to trucks made by US owned companies? Or
Why not just delete this category altogether? Eddaido (talk) 08:19, 9 September 2017 (UTC)
I thought this could be a good cat, maybe not. I never used it, it is so bad it is useless. I thought it would be fun to fix up, but I won't miss it if it goes. Maybe this will be boredom babble. I will be US biased.
I take it that "made by US owned companies?" is sarcastic? I missed the problem. "US owned" covers a lot of companies operated differently. And who owns who today? Using what brands? Volvo and D-B own a bunch of US brands.
It was not meant to be sarcastic, I was just trying to suggest a name that might fit but as you point out that doesn't work.
Built in the US would generally include Canada? Buses and maybe trucks sometimes switch factories. And losing that plow in Quebec would be a tragedy.
You're right, it doesn't fit.
Built in the US has problems if you count all exports. US trucks have been exported everywhere. Do you want a Studebaker rotting away in the steppes?
So we're back to wherever the photo was taken — and that means a lot of work for somebody to add the category to all the US images.
What about Australia? I have no clue. What do they import, assemble, build? In the past? Difference between assembled and built? Marketed? I came across some beautiful Dodge pics labeled "Chrysler". Is that Chrysler Corp. or they sold as "Chryslers"? Where do NZ trucks come from, Aus or US? And why should I care in Chicago?
I was going through some pics and admit I used the poster's address sometimes. "Chrysler Show in NSW" is a giveaway. Occasionally you can see RHD. Writing in background. Very subjective on some, but many are obvious.
Of course it can be done. It'd just take a long time and I'm not interested in it
We can just walk away. Your years will work just as well at "Trucks", right? I'm at my code's end. And of course the CGT was the final evolution of the genre? Have a nice one. Sammy D III (talk) 16:49, 9 September 2017 (UTC)
It seemed simplest to respond to each paragraph so I did. Please tell me if my comments do not make sense. Don't get depressed by this Trucks in the United States problem! leave it on the back burner for a while. CGT: The joke is (while we talk about trucks) that they ruined the CGT by giving it a (heavyweight) Truck engine. I understand when fitted with the Rover (developed from Buick Skylark) V8 it was quite a different car.
Its becoming clear the years spread of IHC vehicles is not as complete as I thought, I mean many models seem to have no photos. I guess I will find out how big the problem is as I work through everything. Many thanks for that link to the Wisconsin Historical site, it is a very great help. Best, Eddaido (talk) 00:28, 10 September 2017 (UTC)