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Category layout[edit]

If a category becomes too crowded it will not be as useable as when it provides a good overview; it will then be advised to divide it into sub-categories, of a useable count each. This is also valid for the category Unicode MiscSymb SVG. It is not intended as a basin for all pictures showing any of the Miscellaneous Symbols; it is much more useful when it shows only an example for each code.

  • Therefore it should contain not more than one image for each one of the codepoints 2600…26FF.
  • It will also be useful to present the pictures in the order of their codepoints instead that of their, sometimes queer, names. To achieve that they are categorized with the sorting option (like "[[Category:Unicode MiscSymb SVG| U+2605]]", with a space preceding the "U+26..").
  • To allow navigation, each element of the table is linked to the single picture, like "| [[:File:Five Pointed Star Solid.svg|<big><big>★</big></big>]]" for U+2605.

Please follow this intentions!

By the blue or red color of the table elements it can easily be seen which of the pictures are still missing. Please complete the category only with the best SVG graphic obtainable, and replace it if adviced. ‎

BTW, it seems also not much useful to cram full the over-category Unicode 2600-26FF Miscellaneous Symbols with a lot of files. It serves just as an interlink between categories, and it seems sufficient when Unicode MiscSymb SVG contains good SVG examples. Thank you -- sarang사랑.svg사랑 08:18, 3 May 2011 (UTC)