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Too big[edit]

Lately some pictures have been removed from the Category, on grounds that they are on UWS Avenues, and restored on grounds that the Avenues extend into Harlem and beyond, thus are not properly subcats. Riverside Park similarly extends far beyond Harlem (as one of my favorite bicycle routes), but perhaps removing its pictures from UWS can be justified on grounds that the Park is not a part of this or any other residential neighborhood.

This Category does not approach the 200 item limit that forces a second cat page, but still it is rather large and could benefit from subdivision. Problem is, where? Within UWS, far as I know, the only subneighborhood with widely accepted and precise boundaries is the rather small Manhattan Valley, but I only see about a dozen pictures that could move to a category made for it. Would street segment categories be a good idea? Every numbered cross street has an East and a West segment, each running through UWS or UES exclusively. Broadway also has many pictures; should there be cats for Lower, Middle, Upper, and Far-upper Broadway or some such scheme? Jim.henderson (talk) 14:21, 22 January 2012 (UTC)