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Correct English term? Watchman's or watchmen's, Flagman's or Flagmen's?[edit]

I just noticed I made a typo on naming the category - in Röll's 1912 Enzyklopädie des Eisenbahnwesens (Encyclopedia of rail transport) the retired Bavarian Ministerialrat von Weikard[1] stated watchmen's house as the English translation of Bahnwärterhaus[2]. However, the same von Weikard stated flagman as translation of Bahnwärter[3], so "Flagman's" or "Flagmen's" are other options. As von Weikard wrote that in England no "Bahnwärter" were used (and afaik neither in America), possibly there will be no definite answer at all on the question of the correct English word.

Here's a translation of the introduction of the "Bahnwärter" article:

A "Bahnwärter", "Streckenwärter" or occasionally "Bahnwächter" [all literally meaning "track guardsman"] is a low-rank rail employee responsible for controlling the safe operating condition of the rail track.

--dealerofsalvation 21:10, 29 December 2008 (UTC)