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Category description[edit]

I'm thinking of changing the descriptional text on this category:

Firstly, by removing the list of ships, which seems to be ever-expanding and somewhat irrelevant. Basically it's a list of ships whose categories have least one image of the ship on the Thames. This list could be maintained more easily by creating a category like "Category:Ship categories with at least one image on the Thames", but I really don't see the need for such a thing.

Secondly, by removing the instruction to not add ships as subcategories to this category. For categories like Category:HMS Belfast (C35) as museum ship, they obviously belong as subcategories here, or at least as subcategories of subcategories. There are also categories like Category:Hispaniola (ship, 1953), where although the category can potentially contain images from other locations, in practice it doesn't contain any such images, so it's fine in the meantime as an indirect subcategory of this one.

Thirdly, the category is overcrowded, with over 900 images (previously over 1200, but I moved some to subcategories). I'll add some advice about categorising to subcategories instead.

Fourthly, I'll also add advice about ignoring incidental images of vessels when categorising, i.e., when the vessel so small in the image that no details are visible. Adding these images to categories just clutters the category without actually being useful for somebody looking for images of that type of vessel, since numerous better images will usually be available.

ghouston (talk) 04:55, 6 September 2013 (UTC)