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Filename Format[edit]

This is just a note to explain the filename format I've chosen for my uploads to this category. They are all:

File:WeirdTalesv##n#pg### $$$.png

Where the # represent numbers (for the volume, the issue number and the page number, in that order) and the $ represents a text description of the image (or other descriptive text, such as the name of the story the illustration is intended to illustrate.) For example, File:WeirdTalesv36n1pg126 Weird Tales Club.png is from volume 36, issue 1, page 126 and illustrates (as the heading) the "Weird Tales Club" section; File:WeirdTalesv36n1pg035_Smoking_Skull.pngis from the same copy, page number 35 and shows a smoking skull; File:WeirdTalesv36n1pg061_Unhallowed_Holiday.png is also from the same copy, page number 61 and illustrates the short story "Unhallowed Holiday." - AdamBMorgan (talk)