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Caterpillar D9 bulldozer

Caterpillar D9 is a heavy tracked-type tractor, commonly refer to as a bulldozer. The D9 weighs about 50 tons and has power of about 410 horsepower and drawbar pull of 71.6 metric tons. It is 4 meters tall, and 8.5 meters long. The D9 is a very popular for large earthmoving projects.

The D9 became highly known due to it use by the Israeli Defense Forces to battle Palestinians. The IDF Combat Engineering Corps operates up-armoured versions of the D9, with Israeli armour kit installed, which allow them to work under heavy fire. The heavy D9 bulldozers served also in the Israeli-Arab wars and helped the IDF breach the Suez canal and a road to Mount Hermon highest peak. However, they gained publicity in the Second Intifada, when they were used to demolish houses, clear roads from booby-traps and explosives and flatten shrubbery and orchards. Military experts cite the armored D9 bulldozer as a key factor in keeping IDF casualties low.

The United States Army and the United States Marine Corps were impressed from the Israeli armored D9 and purchased about 12 armor kits from the IDF, which the Israeli Military and Aircraft industries installed on Caterpillar's new D9R model. The armored D9R gained highly favorable reviews from American troops in Iraq.

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