Central Station, Newcastle upon Tyne

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English: Cental Station is the main railway station serving Newcastle upon Tyne in the north east of England.


Car parks[edit]

Short Stay (north side, west)[edit]

Long Stay (north side, east)[edit]

Neville Street facade[edit]

West side[edit]

Entrance door[edit]


East side[edit]

Neville Street building - interiors & concourse facade[edit]

Detail on the main entrance, concourse side[edit]



Centurion Bar[edit]


Concourse facade[edit]

Metro station lobby[edit]

See Central Station Metro station.

Underneath the train sheds[edit]

Underneath Shed 1[edit]

Western area (Platforms 11 & 12, Concourse)[edit]

West across the concourse to the western gate line & Platforms 11/12[edit]

Western gate line, from the concourse[edit]

Looking west[edit]

Looking east[edit]

Central area (Concourse, Travel Centre north side)[edit]

Looking west[edit]

Looking east[edit]

Looking south east[edit]

Eastern area (Concourse, Long Stay Car Park)[edit]

Looking east[edit]

Underneath Shed 1 & 2[edit]

Looking south, across the middle gate line[edit]

Underneath Shed 2[edit]

Western area (Platforms 9 & 10)[edit]

Looking west from ramp[edit]

Looking east along Platform 9[edit]

Looking west along Platform 9[edit]

Central area (Travel Centre, south side)[edit]

Looking west[edit]

Eastern area (Platform 1)[edit]

Looking east along Platform 1 (before Metro)[edit]

Looking east along Platform 1 (after Metro)[edit]

Looking SW at Platform 1 from concourse[edit]

Underneath Shed 2 & 3[edit]

Looking east between Shed 2 & 3[edit]

Looking west between Shed 3 & 2[edit]

Underneath Shed 3 (Platforms 2 & 3)[edit]

Looking east (Platform 2 left, 3 right)[edit]

Looking west (Platform 3 left, 2 right)[edit]

Underneath Shed 4[edit]

Looking west (Platform 5/6 left, Platform 4 right)[edit]

Looking east (Platform 5/6 right, Platform 4 left)[edit]

Shed details[edit]


Shed 1 clock[edit]

Shed 2 clock[edit]

Roof skylight[edit]


Western end[edit]

View from Redheugh bridge across Paradise Branch[edit]

Trains in Platform 12[edit]

Trains in Platform 2[edit]

Trains in Platform 3[edit]

Trains in Platform 4[edit]

Trains in Platform 6[edit]

Trains in Platform 8[edit]

Platforms 12,11,10,9 & 2[edit]

The view west out of the station[edit]

Eastern end[edit]

View from Castle Keep[edit]

View from train approaching Platform 7[edit]

View from long stay car park[edit]

Platforms 4,3,2 & 1[edit]

Trains in Platform 2[edit]

Trains in Platform 3[edit]

Platform 1 & 2 island[edit]

Platform 2/3 track[edit]

Platform 3 & 4 island[edit]

Platform 5 & 7 island[edit]

Shed 4[edit]

The view east out of the station[edit]

From Platform 1 (before Metro)[edit]

From Platform 3[edit]

From Platform 4[edit]


From long stay car park[edit]

Southern exterior platform (8 west side, 7 east side)[edit]

Platform 7, looking east[edit]

Platform 7, looking west[edit]

Platforms 8, looking west[edit]

Provincial Siding (southern side)[edit]

Looking south from Platform 8[edit]

Looking east from Platform 4[edit]

OS Benchmarks[edit]