Chenois, Waterloo

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English: Chenois is an old village of Waterloo located west of the Line 124 railway. It borders Rhode-Saint-Genèse (nl:Sint-Genesius-Rode) in Flanders to the North, and Braine-l'Alleud to the West.

The name Chenois refers to the abundance of :fr:chênes (oaks), probably when the region was at the border of the Forêt de Soignes (the large forest at the south of Brussels). The church construction was celebrated by Cardinal Désiré-Joseph Mercier in June 1913. In the middle of the Bois des Bruyères, a reservoir was built end of the 1970s to retain excess of rain water "bassin de retenue". Historical views are available in Notre cher Waterloo de naguère published by Marie-Louise de Villers in 1983, Imprimeries-Editions Rayez.