Chillingham Road Metro station

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Opened New
or converted
Number of platforms Track alignment Tyne & Wear metropolitan borough
14 November 1982 New 2 ENE-WSW Newcastle upon Tyne
Two side platforms bordered to the south by a retaining wall for an industrial park, and to the north by mainline railway tracks for Heaton Traction Maintenance Depot (TMD) and the East Coast Main Line; a platform level station building at the west end of the north platform and a street level station building in the eastern half of the south platform
Platform no.
and position
of travel
Route Next
Platform 1
Eastbound Byker Yellow Line to South Shields (stop 05 of 42) Walkergate
Platform 2
Westbound Walkergate Yellow Line to St James (stop 38 of 42) Byker
Station buildings
Two simple rectangular structures in the original style (brick/black panel), 20' by 15' (north) and 50' by 30' (south)
Ramps up to the southern station building, which is at the northern end of Depot Road; a 280' long footpath east from the Chillingham Road bridge over the ECML to an elevated concrete island on the north side of the Metro tracks, with two paths from there 400' further east to the west end of the platforms - one via a long ramp down to platform level on the north side, and the other via a bridge over the tracks and then along the top of the south cutting retaining wall; a footbridge connecting both platforms at the eastern end
Protection from the elements
90' platform canopies attached to both station side walls