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The China Air Task Force (CATF) was created in July 1942 under the command of Brig. Gen. Claire Chennault, whose Flying Tigers of the 1st American Volunteer Group were disbanded that month. It consisted of the 23rd Fighter Group with four squadrons, the 74th, 75th, 76th, and 16th Fighter Squadrons, plus the 11th Bombardment Squadron.

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On March 19, 1943, the CATF was disbanded and replaced by the Fourteenth Air Force, with Chennault, now a major general, in command. In the nine months of its existence, the China Air Task Force had been credited with shooting down 149 Japanese planes, plus 85 probables, with a loss of only 16 P-40s. It had flown 65 bombing missions against Japanese targets in China, Burma and Indochina, dropping 311 tons of bombs and losing only one B-25 bomber.

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