Christiansborg Palace

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English: Christiansborg Palace (Danish: Christiansborg Slot) is a royal palace and government building in central Copenhagen, Denmark. It is the seat of the Danish parliament, the Folketing, the Prime Minister's Office and the Supreme Court, with several parts of the palace still being used by the Danish monarch.

For Christiansborg in Ghana: see Fort Christiansborg (Osu Castle)

Before Christiansborg[ред.]

Christiansborg Palace replaced the old Copenhagen Castle that was demolished in 1731.

First Christiansborg Palace[ред.]

Built in 1733-40 and destroyed by fire in 1794

Second Christiansborg Palace[ред.]

Built in 1806-28 and destroyed by fire in 1884

Third Christiansborg Palace[ред.]

Built in 1906-1928