City Defenses (Göttingen)

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Göttingen developed an extensive system of City Defenses.

  • 12th century: moat, dyke and palisades
  • Since 1180: First stone city wall, height up to 8 m, watchtowers in regular distances, five gates.
  • 1362: Göttingen receives ducal privilege to construct wall able to withstand bombardment by guns (outer wall). The construction and subsequent modifications continue until the middle of the 16th century.
  • 1762: Start de-fortification, outer wall is converted to a promenade with trees. Sections of the outer wall in the east (Albaniplatz) and south (Gauss-Weber-Wall) are removed, the inner wall and the gates are almost completely removed.

Only very few remnants of the buildings of the city defenses remain. However, the earthworks of the outer wall remain largely in place.