Coats of arms of Spain

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English: This gallery shows the coats of arms of Spain
Further information: :en:Coat of arms of Spain
Further information: :en:List of Coat of arms of Spain
Español: Esta galería recoge los escudos de España.
Further information: :es:Escudo de España
Further information: :en:List of coats of arms of Spain
Deutsch: Wappens Spaniens.
Further information: :de: Wappen Spaniens
Français : Cette page donne les armoiries de l'Espagne.
Further information: :fr: Armoiries de l'Espagne
Further information: :fr: Armorial de la péninsule Ibérique (figures et blasonnements)
Italiano: Questa pagina contiene le armi della Spagna.
Further information: :it: Stemma della Spagna
Further information: :it: Armoriale della Spagna


National Coat of Arms[edit]


State Institutions[edit]

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Royal Academies (Institute of Spain)[edit]

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Armed Forces[edit]

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Air Force

Civil Guard

Coats of Arms

Service and Graduate Course Badges


Former Units

Former Destination Badges (Until 2015)

Royal Guard

Military Emergencies Unit



Law Enforcement, Rescue and Intelligence[edit]

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National Police Corps