Coats of arms of Swedish municipalities

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Deutsch: Wappen der Gemeinden Schwedens sortiert nach Ländern.
English: Coats of arms of Swedish municipalities sorted by county.
Svenska: Kommunvapen sorterade efter län.

Blekinge County[edit]

Dalarna County[edit]

Gotland County[edit]

Gävleborg County[edit]

Halland County[edit]

Jämtland County[edit]

Jönköping County[edit]

Kalmar County[edit]

Kronoberg County[edit]

Norrbotten County[edit]

Skåne County[edit]

Stockholm County[edit]

Södermanland County[edit]

Uppsala County[edit]

Värmland County[edit]

Västerbotten County[edit]

Västernorrland County[edit]

Västmanland County[edit]

Västra Götaland County[edit]

Örebro County[edit]

Östergötland County[edit]

Historical coats of arms[edit]

This section is intended for historical coats of arms of current Swedish municipalities. For the coats of arms of former Swedish municipalities please see Coats of arms of former subdivisions of Sweden.