Coloured Figures of English Fungi or Mushrooms

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English: Coloured Figures of English Fungi or Mushrooms is a book in three volumes and a supplement (published 1797–1809) by James Sowerby, containing colour illustrations of the fungi of England. See notes at the end of this page.

Scanned text

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English: Notes
  1. The modern identifications given in the image files generally follow those in Index Fungorum if they are found there. Also the nomenclature of Index Fungorum is used. The identifications are not always reliable.
  2. Most of the the plates bear a legend of the form “(date) Published by Jn Sowerby. London.”, in very small indistinct hand-writing. For instance, on plate 301, the date is "Jany 1 1801".
  3. The plates have hand-written annotations which were evidently added after Sowerby's time and which can give clues to the identity of the fungus in question. These annotations are listed in the image files (but the legend mentioned above is ignored).
  4. In some plates, such as Plate 41, the illustration appears much too green. This may be due to the aging properties of the pigments.