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2017 15 12 16:00 UTC
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Fog and frost on the Lysekil railway at Gåseberg in Lysekil Municipality, Sweden. The railway was inaugurated in 1913 and is still in use.  
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विकिमीडिया कंमोन्सच्या मुखपृष्ठ वर आजचे छायाचित्र म्हणून प्रदर्शनासाठी या प्रतिमा निवडल्या जातात. या पृष्ठावर त्यांना प्रकाशित करणे सदस्यांना मथळे इतर भाषांमध्ये भाषांतरित करण्याची अनुमती देते.

१ जुलै २००७ पासून, सर्व छायाचित्र वैशिष्ट्यीकृत चित्रे पासून निवडली जातात.वैशिष्ट्यीकृत चित्रे विकिमीडिया कॉमन्सवर सर्वोत्कृष्ट प्रतिमा आहेत आणि एकमताने निवडली जातात. त्याचे निवडणूक वैशिष्ट्यीकृत चित्र उमिद्वार इथे होते. आजचे छायाचित्र कसे जोडावे यावरील सूचनांसाठी पहा, आजचे छायाचित्रचे सूचना.

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साच्याच्या सहाय्याने वर्तमान आजचे छायाचित्र एका पृष्ठावर समाविष्ट करता येईल याकरिता
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मथळा वापरन्यास

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आपण या फंक्शनचा वापर करून आजचे छायाचित्रांचे वर्णन लिहू शकता. अपेक्षित वर्षात YYYY बदला, MM महिना सह, दिवस DD व xx भाषा कोड.पुढील माहिती पृष्ठावर दिली आहे जी आपण बटणावर क्लिक केल्यानंतर उघडते.

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चित्र बदला
English : Buldern manor at Christmas time, Dülmen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany


चित्र बदला
English : Wire-tailed swallow, Hirundo smithii, feeding the offspring.


चित्र बदला
English : Phacelia tanacetifolia in Kirchspiel, Dülmen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany


चित्र बदला
English : "Umschreibung" is an art installation by Olafur Eliasson in Munich. Here the spiral stairs are seen from below at night.


चित्र बदला
English : View of a path and the Miscanti lake, altiplano of the Antofagasta Region, northern Chile. The brackish water lake, located in Los Flamencos National Reserve, is separated from Miñiques Lake by a lava flow from an eruption of Miñiques volcano.


चित्र बदला
English : Panoramic view of Pulkovo Airport in Saint Petersburg, Russia.


चित्र बदला
English : HMS Belfast (C35) ship on the River Thames and Tower Bridge in London before sunrise


चित्र बदला
English : Großhadern is a Munich U-Bahn station on the U6, opened in 1993.


चित्र बदला
English : Orthetrum luzonicum, Tricolored Marsh Hawk, is a medium sized dragonfly with blue, yellow and brown markings. This is a juvenile male.


चित्र बदला
English : X-ray crystallography is a tool used for identifying the atomic and molecular structure of a crystal. The movement of the machine during 80 second scan can give different view on how relatively slow scientific measurements can look frozen in time by shutter speed of 90 seconds.


चित्र बदला
English : Night view of Berlin Hauptbahnhof (English: Berlin Central Station), main railway station in Berlin, Germany. The station came into full operation in May 2006 and is located on the site of the historic Lehrter Bahnhof, which was opened in 1871 as the terminus of the railway linking Berlin with Lehrte (location near Hanover), which later became Germany's most important east-west main line. In 1987, it was extensively renovated to commemorate Berlin's 750th anniversary, and again in 2006 to its current appearance.


चित्र बदला
English : Malachite kingfisher (Corythornis cristatus) on Lake Baringo, Kenya. To celebrate Jamhuri Day which marks Kenya's establishment as a republic on 12 December 1964.


चित्र बदला
English : Two Soviet MiG-29 aircraft en route to an air show in British Columbia, Canada, are intercepted by F-15 Eagle aircraft of the 21st Tactical Fighter Wing. The Soviet MiG-29s are, for the first time, traveling to the Abbotsford International Airshow in Abbotsford, BC, Canada, to participate in the August 1989 airshow. The USAF F-15 Eagle interceptors actively guarding North American and United States of America's airspace are with the 21st Tactical Fighter Wing, headquartered at Elmendorf Air Force Base (AFB), Alaska, USA.


चित्र बदला
English : First sunbeams sweep over a winter landscape. Path between Put van Nederhorst and Langweerderwielen. Location, Langweerderwielen (Langwarder Wielen) and surroundings, De Fryske Marren, Friesland, Netherlands.


चित्र बदला
English : Fog and frost on the Lysekil railway at Gåseberg in Lysekil Municipality, Sweden. The railway was inaugurated in 1913 and is still in use.


चित्र बदला
English : Zedelnig mountain (2,330 metres (7,640 ft)) and alpine pasture Jamnigalm in the Tauern Valley near Mallnitz, High Tauern National Park, Carinthia


चित्र बदला


चित्र बदला
English : Main reredos of the Chapel of the Rosary in St Domingo church in the Historic Center of Quito, Ecuador. The catholic temple was constructed between 1540 and 1688 following the plans of architect Francisco Becerra. The baroque chapel, dedicated to Our Lady of the Rosary, is the most featurable in the church and was painted by priest Pedro Bedón at the beginning of the 17th century.


चित्र बदला
English : Sand lizard female (Lacerta agilis). Ukraine


चित्र बदला
English : Barbed wire of a fence, Dülmen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany


चित्र बदला
English : Aurora australis dancing over an LED illuminated igloo giving a blue tinge to the color of snow.


चित्र बदला
English : Inside the Agra Fort, India


चित्र बदला
English : Sculpture “Zwei Pferde für Münster” (Stephan Huber, 2002) at the LVM building, Münster, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
The second horse is inside the building and in the background from this angle.


चित्र बदला
English : Union Square, San Francisco is a public plaza. Here, it is decorated for Christmas with a skating rink and a Christmas tree. This view is from the public rooftop terrace at the flagship store of Macy's West.


चित्र बदला
English : Nativity of Christ at the winged altar of the parish- and pilgrimage church Kefermarkt, Upper Austria. Anonymous master (Master of the Kefermarkt Altarpiece), around 1497.


चित्र बदला
English : Cablecar type Funifor Arabba Porta Vescovo in Italy


चित्र बदला
English : A snowboarder Sergey Lapushkin at Slopestyle LG/FIS World Cup 2012, Stoneham ski resort, Quebec, Canada.


चित्र बदला
English : 2 x Saab JAS-39 Gripen and 2 x Aero L-159 of the Czech Air Force, based at AFB Čáslav, inflight.


चित्र बदला
English : Rotring S0214750 bow compass with Rapidograph 0.5 mm technical pen drawing 1.5–15 mm diameter circles


चित्र बदला
English : A juvenile green monkey (Chlorocebus sabaeus) from The Gambia.


चित्र बदला
English : Fireworks in the Sea Port of Sochi, Krasnodar Krai, Russia

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