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If possible, you can upload free images to Commons about this topic.


Descriptive titles are useful. A map of Africa could be called "Africa.png", but quite likely more maps of Africa will be useful in Wikimedia, so it is good to be more specific, e.g. "Africa political map.您rinitials.png". Check whether there are already maps of Africa in Wikipedia. Then decide whether 您r map should replace one (in each article that uses it) or be additional. In the first case give it exactly the same name, otherwise a suitable other name. Avoid special characters in filenames or excessively long filenames, though, as that might make it difficult for some users to download the files onto their machines. Note that names are case sensitive, Africa.PNG is considered different from Africa.png. For uniformity, lower case file name extensions are recommended.

您 may use the same name in the case of a different 圖像 that replaces the old one, and also if 您 make an improved version of the same 圖像 - perhaps a scanned 圖像 that 您 scanned again with a better quality scanner, or 您 used a better way of reducing the original in scale - then 上傳 it with the same title as the old one. This allows people to easily compare the two 圖像s, and avoids the need to delete 圖像s or change articles. However, this is not possible if the format is changed, since then at least the extension part of the name has to be changed.

Currently there is no easy way to rename an 圖像—您 have to just save it and re-上傳 it.


Use w:en:PNG file format for maps and so because it is free, like w:en:GFDL and Wikimedia Commons. 您可 use tools to convert 圖像s to PNG or SVG, before 上傳ing. See w:Wikipedia:How to reduce colors for saving a JPEG as PNG.

For pictures use JPEG. 上傳 the file in the best resolution 您 have. Big is beautiful, especially when someone needs to enlarge the 圖像. If 您 know how to use the IPTC-fields to include information inside the file like 您r name and the licence, please do so.

When 上傳ing w:SVG 圖像s, 上傳 both the SVG source and a rasterised version, and cross-link on the w:wikipedia:圖像 description page. Direct SVG support is planned (see meta:SVG 圖像 support).

See also: W:en:Wikipedia:How to keep 圖像 file sizes as small as possible.



The MediaWiki software that Wikimedia uses, as of version 1.3, can resize 圖像s automatically. It is no longer necessary, in most cases, to resize 圖像s 您rself. We want Wikimedia content to be reused as widely as possible, including as a source for printed media. Therefore, 您 should generally 上傳 photographic 圖像s at a high resolution and use the Wikimedia 圖像 markup to resize it.

唯一的限制是上傳 files must be 小於 20 megabytes.

For line art, particularly that which 您've drawn 您rself, it may be better to manually resize the 圖像s to the right size and use them in the article. This is because the automatic resizing function can sometimes produce 圖像s that are larger in bytes than the original and/or of worse quality than the original.

In the future, MediaWiki 圖像 markup may be extended to better support "manual thumbnailing"; for now, if 您 want to 上傳 a large version of a manually-scaled 圖像 do so and link to the larger version in the original's 圖像 description page.


In articles, if 您 wish to have a photo beside the text, 您 should generally use the "thumbnail" option available in the "圖像 markup", or approximately 200-250 pixels of width if 您're doing it manually. Larger 圖像s should generally be a maximum of 550 pixels wide, so that they can comfortably be displayed on 800x600 monitors.


圖像的上傳 should have information on their source and copyright status on the 圖像 page; see: Commons:Copyright tags.


These software packages have been recommended by Wikipedians for use in 圖像 manipulation:

  • The GIMP [1] - Open source 圖像 editing suite, similar to Photoshop (below). (free, Open source - for Linux, Windows, Mac OS X)
  • 圖像Magick [2] - 圖像 conversion, effects, viewing... Particularly good for scripted and "batch" manipulation. (free, Open source - for Linux, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS 9 or X, and others)
  • PMView| [3] (Commercial proprietary software - for Microsoft Windows, OS/2)
  • IrfanView [4] (Freeware - for Microsoft Windows. A multi-featured freeware tool, supports many 圖像 formats. Good at viewing/converting 圖像s.
  • GraphicConverter [5] (Shareware - for Mac OS 8, 9 or X)
  • Photoshop [6] quite expensive, but widely regarded as the best 圖像 program, used by nearly all professionals
  • Inkscape [7] - Vector graphics program. (free, Open source - for Linux, Windows, Mac OS X)


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