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モップをふるうのは大切な仕事です :-) Wielding a mop is a serious business. But maybe not this serious.


This page offers advice for admins and would-be admins on Commons, about how to appropriately use the admin tools. This is not a policy page. It is an advice page!


There are two important differences between administration on another Wikimedia project, and administration on Commons. They are:

1. 他のほとんどのウィキメディアプロジェクトと異なり、コモンズでの権限行使はウィキメディア全体 - 他の何百ものウィキに - に影響を及ぼす可能性があります。ファイルの削除、および利用者との対話に影響します。

1. Unlike actions taken on most Wikimedia projects, actions taken on Commons have the potential to affect the entire Wikimedia community - hundreds of other wikis. This has implications for both file deletion and user interaction.


2. Unlike users on most Wikimedia projects, Commons users cannot be assumed to understand a common language. Care should be taken to avoid discriminating against users who don't speak the same language(s) as you.
The similarities between Commons adminship and other Wikimedia projects are many:
  • あなたはコミュニティのコンセンサスによる決定を実行するよう期待されています。
    • You are expected to enact consensus decisions of the community.
  • もっともウィキの利益になるよう行動することが期待されています。
    • You are expected to act in the best interests of the wiki.
  • 権限行使について迷うところがあれば、他の管理者たちに相談することが期待されています。
    • You are expected to consult with other admins if you are unsure about an action.
  • 間違った場合はそれを認め、その修正にベストを尽くすべきです。
    • You should admit when you make a mistake and do your best to fix it.
  • 管理者権限を持つプロジェクト上ではコンタクト可能にしておくべきです。
    • You should be contactable on the project you are admin on.
  • 利用者に求められれば手助けするか、手助けの得られるひとや場所を教えるべきです(あなたがウィキブレイクに入るときはそれが分かるようにしておきましょう)。
    • You should help users when they request it, or point them to someone or somewhere else where they can get help. (Let people know when you're on a Wikibreak.)

ファイル削除の影響 Impact of file deletion[edit]

Commons is serving over six million files to other Wikimedia wikis. Therefore, a deletion on Commons is likely to impact dozens of other wikis. You can check whether the image is used on other wikis using Special:GlobalUsage. Additionally most projects have set up a CommonsTicker. This tool will notify the local wiki if an image on Commons they are using is tagged for deletion or actually deleted.

Care should be taken when deleting files. However, this does not mean that obvious copyright violations should not be deleted because they are in use. Free media is the key stone of Commons, more than in other wikis and as such actively removing copyright violations is important work that strengthens our claims of hosting only free media.

  • m:CommonsTicker - do the other projects you work at have one? if not, it's strongly recommended to set one up.

利用者との対話の影響 Impact of user interaction[edit]

Commons supports the other Wikimedia projects, but we can only succeed with the support of these other projects too. (Why? Because it's the attitude of local projects towards Commons, that determines whether or not those communities will encourage their users to upload locally, or to upload to Commons.) Therefore keep in mind that when communicating with other users, you may be seen as representing "Commons" in its entirety. It's important to be polite and patient.

When we perform actions whether as individuals (deleting single items) or as a community (deciding a particular license is acceptable or not), we must take care to explain the reasoning behind our actions, and accept and use the input of users of all Wikimedia projects. In community discussions, in many respects (but not always), Commons community is Wikimedia community. We have duties to all those users, not just the ones with active accounts at Commons.

多言語性 Multilinguality[edit]

No language should be prioritised over any other, when practicable. No user should be disadvantaged because of the languages they can or cannot speak. If you have hints that a user doesn't speak your language, make an effort to get your messages to them translated. The onus is on you, not the user. See Commons:List of administrators by language to find an administrator that does speak the other user's language.

特別なツール Specific tools[edit]

削除と復帰 Un/deletion[edit]

Commons' requests for (speedy) deletion are almost always backlogged. Your help is most likely to be needed in these areas. Note that deletion impacts all Wikimedia wikis. As an admin, you must always be willing to explain why you have deleted an image.

Note that if a PNG image is superseded by a SVG image, it should not be deleted! See Commons talk:Deletion requests for more information.

When no licence/source/permission files have been deleted, if the uploader returns with the relevant information, undelete quickly and willingly.

For categories, unless the category name is offensive or has non-standard capitalisation or spelling, it's best to make the old category a redirect rather than delete it. Although category redirects don't "work" in the sense that files aren't magically moved to the new category, their existence alerts users to the correct category and stops the old one being recreated (category "forking" is especially harmful to efficient browsing and searching).

ブロックと解除 Un/blocking[edit]

Have your email confirmed, so blocked users can contact you (and let them know this). Blocked users are also able to edit their talk page. Keep in mind the principles of #Multilinguality mentioned above.

Note that Commons currently has no formal three revert rule. This doesn't mean that edit warring or revert warring is acceptable. If you notice edit warring, push the participants to discussion, warn, and finally if necessary block.

保護と解除 Un/protecting[edit]

Don't protect pre-emptively. Use semi-protection whenever possible. Don't use semi-protection cascading, and in general avoid cascading protection.

In the case of disputes and revert wars, protect and send the users to the talk page to sort out consensus.

In the case of repeated vandalism, a short block to the user or IP is preferred because it attacks the problem at its source and doesn't disadvantage other, well-meaning users.


This "tool" is largely obsolete since the introduction of "undo" functionality which allowed all users to quickly revert one or more concurrent edits by a single user.

ボット Commanding bots[edit]

Some specific bots accepts commands from admins on User:CommonsDelinker/commands. Admins can mass-move categories around and also universally replace on all Wikimedia projects. Admins should be very careful with these tools and only use them in uncontroversial cases or cases that have consensus acceptance.

荒らしと対処 "Vandalism" and vandal fighting[edit]

Avoid labelling people's efforts as vandalism. True vandals know that what they are doing is wrong; you don't gain much from telling them again. For people who believe they really are editing in the best interests of the wiki, calling them "vandals" is inflammatory and unhelpful.

心得ておくべきことのチェックリスト Checklist of stuff you should know[edit]

This is stuff you should come across or be aware of before considering becoming an admin. It's not a complete list. (if the question doesn't have an answer in parenthesis... that's because you REALLY need to know the answer to it before you consider standing... and if you don't already know, or don't know how to find out on your own, you probably haven't been around enough to have picked up the norms here yet)

  • コモンズはフェアユースを許容しますか?
    • Does Commons allow fair use?
  • コモンズは「ウィキペディアのみ使用可能」というものを許容しますか?
    • Does Commons allow "Wikipedia only" permission?
  • コモンズは「教育利用目的」のみのライセンスを許容しますか?
    • Does Commons allow "educational use" license terms?
  • クリエイティブ・コモンズのライセンスのうち、どれが許容されどれが許容されないのでしょう?
    • Which Creative Commons licenses are accepted, which are not?
  • コモンズを検索する最適な方法は何ですか?(Mayflower)
    • What is the best way to search Commons? (Mayflower)
  • ウィキメディアのほかのプロジェクトからファイルをもってくる一番良い方法は何ですか?(CommonsHelper)
    • What is the best way to transfer files from other Wikimedia projects? (CommonsHelper)
  • OTRSとは何であり、どのように用いられますか? (Commons:OTRS)
  • メーリングリストの参加方法と過去ログの読み方は?(Commons:Mailing lists)
  • ファイルを削除依頼する方法は?
    • How to nominate a file for deletion.
  • ファイルがウィキメディアのどこで使用されているか見つける方法は?
    • How to find out where a file is being used in Wikimedia.
  • ファイルの改名(移動)方法は?
    • How to "rename" or "move" a file.
  • カテゴリの改名(移動)方法は?(User:CommonsDelinker/commands)
  • 特定言語を話す管理者の見つけ方は?
    • How to find an admin that speaks a particular language, when you need to.
  • 利用者が意見と助けを求める時はどこで?
    • Where users should seek opinions and help.
  • 特定利用者のアップロード(タグなし、カテゴリなしのファイルを含む)を概観する場所はどこですか?
    • Where to see an overview of a user's uploads, including untagged or uncategorised files.

あなたの手が必要とされる場所 Where your help is needed[edit]

コモンズでは削除部門で案件がたまりがちです。 Commons is frequently backlogged in the deletion area.