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Shortcut: Commons:API

 Most of this is irrelevant now thanks to the Commons API tool and the Commons API.

The API for Wikimedia Commons allows client code to communicate directly with the MediaWiki software running Wikimedia Commons in order to interact with the wiki's content.

The MediaWiki API on commons is accessible at [1], self-documenting at Special:ApiHelp, and you can play with it at Special:ApiSandbox.

But there are further pieces of information we would like to make accessible via an API.

The API described below is a community-developed one that is only as reliable as our contributors' commitment to following it!

'Do not use or index' tags[edit]

These tags or markers indicate files with questionable copyright status, and therefore should not be used or indexed by third parties.

Extract license information[edit]

How to get the name and URL of the license/s that apply to a particular file.