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The Commons consists of very many different people from very many different Wikipedias. They often look at things differently. It is of uttermost importance to show one another respect even when disagreeing.

There are also some other things that are to be expected from administrators on Commons.

  • Admins are to have an intimate understanding of Wikimedia Commons policies and the general policies on Wikipedias in general, such as NPOV, NPA, etc.

Deletion guidelines[edit]

  • Administrators should only delete images for valid reasons.
  • Administrators should not delete images before orphaning them on Wikipedia projects.
  • Administrators should not delete so called "redundant" images if they are not exactly the same. Please see insert link here
  • If in doubt whether speedy deletion applies, list the image at Commons:Deletion requests.


  • Administrators are to behave civil towards other administrators.
  • Administrators should adhere to consensus and respect the opinions of other admins.