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On July 10, 2014, The State Archive in Poznań (Archiwum Państwowe w Poznaniu) in cooperation with Wikimedia Polska started releasing scans of old historical documents, photos, maps and manuscripts.

The driving force of the cooperation from the State Archive in Poznań point of view is to make these documents as widely used in Wikimedia projects (and not only there) as possible. Although all of the scans are in the public domain, please always provide information about the source of the documents and a proper description of them.


At present the scans are provided by employees of the Archive and uploaded manually by User:Kustoszka and User:Crashzeroo from The State Archive in Poznań . The scans are of high technical quality (proper color adjustment, no geometrical distortion, neutral white lighting) and have relatively high resolution. The scans definitely do not need any additional technical corrections.

The State Archive in Poznań has opted for the Creative Commons CC0 1.0 license. The scans are uploaded with Template:State Archive in Poznań document.

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