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Wikimedia accepts n encoorages the uplaidin o audio files oan Commons. Audio files, lik eemages, maun be freelie licensed. The preferred audio container format is Ogg bit ither file types ar supported.

FLAC, baith, embeddit in the Ogg container or in its nateev container format is supportit fer appleecations whaur lossless compression is needit, aes aen exaumple, projects whaur ae file haes tae be eeditit moniy times.

Convertin audio

Audacitie's uiser interface

Tae convert yer audio til yin o the permeetit formats, ye can uise maist video converters, thay can haunle audio wioot video or extract audio fae video aes weel. The commaund line tuil ffmpeg is available fer vareeis operatin systems n uised internallie bi monie tuils wi ae grapheecal uiser interface. Oan Linux check oot OggConvert.

In modern brousers the screepts Opusenc.js n Flac.js convert aiff, wave n raw audio intae Opus or FLAC.

Crauftin n eeditin audio

Whan recordin soonds or spoken samples wi yer ain equipment please tak care o the follaeing aspects. Mak sair tae eleeminate aw o the backgroond noises. Thooch, it is possible tae remuie onwantit noise fae the audio stream efterwairds, it's better tae minimise yer eeditin wairk. Mairatower, it's advised tae uise ae hei qualitie micræphane. Biggit in haurdware micræphanes, especiallie thae o laptaps, ar consederit tae produce law qualitie recordins that incluid clippin, noise n thaurfore ae law SNR.

Audacitie is no yinlie able tae record audio, bit affers ae monie platform eeditin tuil fer aen onleemitit nummer o audio streams n aw.

Ae mindin aneat copiericht

Uplaiders maut mak sair that thay'v gathert aw o the needit richts, incluidin bit no leemiti tae the recordin richts, richts bi the interpret(s), bi the composer n o the lyricist, whane'er appleecable. Thir indiveedual richts shid be speceefied separat oan ilka file descreeption page o audio n veedeo files.

Copyricht collectin agencies represent the uissage richts that stem fae authors' richts fer wirks o thair memmers. Authors affen hae tae transfer excluisee uissage richts fer aw o thair wirks tae the agencie aes the bilaws o the collectin agencie demmant, n e'en the authors thirsels need the agencie's permeession fer tae publish thair ain wirk unner ae free license acause o this. Maist o the mucler agencies will no gie permeession fer Wikimedia Commons acceptable licenses.

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