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Rules of use


Before using this software, please ensure you are familiar with Commons policies/guidelines, particularly the bot policy and the very simple rules of use:

  • Check every edit before you save it.
  • Don't edit too fast; consider opening a bot account if you are regularly making more than a few edits a minute.
  • Don't do anything controversial with it. Especially changing categories can be highly disputable on Commons.
  • Abide by all Wikimedia Commons guidelines, policies and common practices.

Repeated abuse of these rules will result, without warning, in your access to the software being disabled.



The list of users with AWB access at Commons:AutoWikiBrowser/CheckPageJSON is only for the Wikimedia Commons. Note that approval is not always needed on other projects, but it is for Commons, except for Commons administrators, who have access automatically without being listed there. If you want to be registered to use this software, visit Commons:Requests for rights#AutoWikiBrowser access. Any admin can add any user to the list of enabled users.


  • For security reasons, users who have a history of vandalism or being blocked for similar reasons will likely not be accepted to use the software. AWB access may also be revoked if the user is subsequently blocked for vandalism or disruption.
  • As a rule of thumb, users with fewer than 200 edits will not be added to the list. You can check your edit count through this tool.

This tool is designed for experienced users to quickly perform specific repetitive tedious tasks. If you don't have a specific need for this then please do not request access for its use. Thank you.

Also, to reduce bureaucracy, you will not be notified when/if you are added to the list of enabled users. Instead, keep that page on your watchlist; when you see your name has been added, you should find you are able to use AutoWikiBrowser. You may add [[Category:Wikimedians who use AutoWikiBrowser]] to your user page, either directly or via the userbox {{User AWB}}, when you've been added to the list.