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A set of 140.000 Dutch press photos from the period 1959-1989, made available under CC-BY-SA license by the Nationaal Archief, at [1]. The upload contains a (Dutch) description, date and licensing information, and some suggested categories, which are however in Dutch and often not very useful anyway. All images are put in Category:Images from Anefo and Category:Uncategorized images from Anefo.


  • Please read Commons:Guide to batch uploading
  • Change the naming of the files to <title> Anefo <id> and don't make the titles so short. Current names mess up sorting (everything at A)
  • Use {{Nl}} (Update, you should use it like {{nl|1=}})
  • Include deep links to the originals (id should resolve to a location)
  • Use the attribution field of {{Cc-by-sa-3.0-nl}} to include the correct attribution
  • You should probably make a Partnership template
  • Some statistics on the subjects would be nice for easy mapping to real categories. You should probably not mix subject and coverage. Doing 140.000 files by had is too much. You do that by making a list of top subject and a list of top coverage. You ask users to map these to real categories (where possible) and use that at upload. That's a lot less work than doing everything by hand.
  • Please apply these corrections to the already uploaded files Multichill (talk) 12:32, 17 June 2012 (UTC)[]
Assigned to Progress Bot name Category
Andre Engels running, about 1500 done (17-06-2012) Robbot Category:Uncategorized images from Anefo