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Image 1 to 250.000 were uploaded in December 2009. Image 250.000 to 360.000 were prepared at the toolserver in batches of 10.000 files.

  • Source dir : /mnt/user-store/geograph_new/00/<batch id>/ (1-1M) or /mnt/user-store/geograph_new/01/<batch id>/ (1M-2M)
  • Destination dir : /mnt/user-store/geograph_new_output/00/<batch id>/ (1-1M) or /mnt/user-store/geograph_new_output/01/<batch id>/ (1M-2M)
  • Tar location : /mnt/user-store/geograph_new_output/00/batch_<batch id>.tar (1-1M) or /mnt/user-store/geograph_new_output/01/batch_<batch id>.tar (1M-2M)
  • Files are transfered using rsync: rsync -ave ssh /home/catrope/multichill/00

Image 360.000 to 1.900.000 were not uploaded.